Mega TV Player APK Download 2021 v1.3.4 [Premium + Latest Version]

Mega TV Player is the leading free multimedia player, allowing you to quickly and easily view all common videos with hardware accelerations on your phone or tablet.

MegaTV Online is an Android app developed to support Android users switch televisions on their tablets. The software comes with easy-to-use functionality and allows you to watch videos stored on your computer and connected computers.

This application has already been designed for Spanish speakers with the language chosen. In order to move to another language, you would need a simple knowledge of Spanish. The app lets you sign up and watch videos on your Facebook account that you saved on your tablet.

This function is useful to share videos with others without logging into Facebook and allowing them to see other images or videos on your website.

Mega TV Player 1.3.4

The name you applied is shown on the top of the page after you open an account.

This software has a control functionality for many parents. You probably want to watch what your kids see if you let them use your phone to surf the internet, and play games. You never know whether your child will see offensive YouTube videos that the web originally proposed. With MegaTV Online, you can prevent your phone from watching content that you don’t approve of, and other consumers such as children. You will allow them to watch videos that you have downloaded for them. Also, check Hotspot Shield Premium APK.

Mega TV Online APK 2021
Mega TV Online APK 2021

You may also use a voting function. This allows you to upload and down the thumbs to all of the videos you see and let other people know what they were thinking. You also see which videos are most common and beloved in the voting feature.

MegaTV Online also supports Google’s Chromecast products. You can connect to the app and display contents on your phone from your browser if you have one of these items. This allows you to have direct access to all your favorite networks, from live sports events to classical Hollywood movies. The smart software is also compliant.

It’s quick to find what you watch because the app has its own built-in lists of categories. Sports, poultry, TV shows, and films are all included in these sections. There is also access to nature and wildlife information. The videos you can see through the app depend on what is stored and connected to your mobile device. While MegaTV is a useful app, it can be problematic for certain users to open and log in. If you want hundreds of shows and channels from your phone to be accessed easily, this is a good option.


  •  Highly detailed search footage
  • Store video and play offline on your computers
  • Supports all recent video formats
  • Full support for swift and smooth hardware acceleration Video replay in high definition
  • An integrated strong, intuitive multimedia manager that automatically identifies all video files on your computer

Key Benefits of Mega TV APK:

  • Open quick, play offline videos
  • Easy checking
  • Manage all videos with a simple-to-use, intuitive GUI


  • Offers the telephone free content
  • May build a private account
  • Checks for the children using your phone are included
  • Smart TV works
  • Chromecast applications compatible


  • Any consumers found the app difficult to access
  • Using the settings in Spanish
  • Might have logged in issues
  • You only use the existing content

You can get this app from google play

Main Features of Mega APP

There are a lot of features in the mega tv app but here I m going to share some top features of the online apk.

  • Using this app you can get the list of channel links.
  • You can watch lots of programs for free.
  • All Content/Programs are divided into categories
  • From any country, you can access any television program

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