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PicasoTV APK Free Download: The Internet is the new television, and it is becoming a truth day by day. The current lifestyle doesn’t enable people to sit in front of a TV screen at set hours. Instead, everyone is stuck on a predetermined timetable.


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PicasoTV Review:

Because of this, it resulted in the development of online TV applications such as PicasoTV, which enable users to watch live TV as well as movies, sports, series, and seasons.


Even if it seems impossible at the moment, the software is completely free to use. You are able to save money on your monthly cable bill while still having access to the top video services when you watch them remotely.

Therefore, to utilize the app, download it and connect to it using either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data. Shehzad TV is the perfect solution to consider if you still require an additional one.

This second app is loaded with live television networks from Pakistan and India. In any case, you are free to download either programme. You are free to make use of either one or both of them simultaneously.

Keep in mind that there is no subscription cost associated with using them in any way. In addition to that, using approved apps is almost always a good idea. However, millions of Android users are also making frequent use of platforms that are not officially supported by Google.

Because we do not have any kind of cooperation with the proprietors of the TV applications that we are reviewing, the primary purpose of this review is to increase your knowledge and information.

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Salient Features of PicasoTV:

It is, much like the majority of other TV apps, a masterwork created by an Indian developer. It is impossible to deny the impact that the Indian film industry has had on its two neighboring countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In this region, more than 1700 million people enjoy going to the theatre, watching movies, and watching television. As a result, there should be a reliable source of content for the media. The PicasoTV app is able to satisfy this need. The following are the various sections that make up its menu.

  • The Place I Call (Random Collections)
  • You’ll be surprised to learn (Find Your Favorite)
  • The term “streaming” is used to describe the practise of (Watch Live TV)
  • A collection of movies, television shows, and other media.
  • To-Do-Is (Your Favorites)

These five categories collectively encompass the vast majority of video content categories. Sincerely, look through the list of available television channels to find the ones you want to watch. In contrast to other free programs.

This one does not come with a large number of customization possibilities. However, every piece of content that can be accessed satisfies the most stringent criteria. There is no need for you to feel disheartened. Because the diligent crew continually updates the URLs for video content.

The following is an outline of the primary advantages that using the app affords you.

  • MX Originals
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Trending Now
  • Netflix, Voot, Hindi
  • Amazon Prime
  • TV Shows Daily
  • Latest Episodes of Series
  • Latest TV Channels
  • Top 10 Movies/Series
  • Newly Released Films
  • Latest Animes
  • Recommended List
  • Choose For You
  • Popular/Latest Series
  • Most Popular

This programme is free to download and use. All of the specified services exist in reality and can be put to use in a test environment. Furthermore, the user experience is made as simple as possible.

It’s great that the buffering is so fast because it saves you time. It is possible to make an account on PicasoTV, but it is not required to utilize the service.


Users of PicasoTV can not only watch live television, but also download any movie or web series they like for free. This app’s creators are no exception; they’re shrewd and creative as well.

They certainly did their utmost to provide the greatest possibilities. You’re always up to date with the most popular, most-watched, and most recent releases. It’s not like you’ll miss them.

Make a note of your favorite media so you can return to it later. However, as an unofficial software, it is dependent on certain permissions to function properly. Don’t wait till you can purchase a high-quality source of entertainment to download it.

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