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Robbery Bob APK Free Download: During the course of Robbery Bob 2, you will have plenty of opportunities to wish you could just rip someone’s neck out. What makes it even worse is that in the vast majority of situations, it will be the neck of an OAP that you will be anxious to break in two. This makes the situation even more unbearable. Robbery Bob 2 would most certainly be a candidate for any prizes that might be given out for the purpose of making you feel like a depraved individual.

Robbery Bob

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Robbery Bob 2 does not, fortunately – at least for the OAPs – allow you the opportunity to kill or even hurt any of the people who you believe to be your targets. This is in spite of the fact that stealth video games have been popular for decades, during which time we have learned that the easiest way to achieve one’s goals is to sneak up behind the person one wishes to avoid and end their life.

Robbery Bob

In Chillingo’s most recent release, on the other hand, the objective is to remain unseen as much as possible. In point of fact, the only person who is ever injured as a result of Bob’s captors’ actions is Bob himself. Whenever he is found, his captors beat him over and over again with a variety of various instruments.

However, the story that goes with with it is a little bit weird. After Bob had successfully busted out of jail in the first game, he is on the run in this sequel. The first part of the game takes place as he literally crashes a wedding in an effort to get away from the authorities who are chasing him.

Since of this, the central idea of Robbery Bob 2 is centred on his efforts to make amends because he is terrified of being on the bad side of the bride’s father, who is one of the most dreaded mobsters in the city. As a consequence of this, Bob makes an effort to stealthily enter one building after another in an effort to replace all of the objects that he ruined during his wedding crash. It is true that the setup is quite complicated, but in the grand scale of things, this particular detail is not really all that relevant.

You only need to know that there is a succession of 2D stages that need you to go stealthily through, pick up stuff without being discovered, and quickly escape from whichever building you are tasked with infiltrating.

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When viewed from above, Bob basically only possesses two weapons: the ability to move very slowly and softly, as well as the capacity to run very quickly for relatively brief periods of time. Because doing the latter typically results in a great deal of noise, it is important to limit how often it is done. Successful attempts are, for the most part, a matter of following the movements of your adversary and sneaking by without being seen.

It’s very similar to trying to find your way around a labyrinth for the first time. There is essentially only one way to make it through the building without being spotted while also picking up the trinkets that are dotted around each stage; the question is whether or not you can figure out what that way is.

The building must be taken one room at a time in order to complete the mission. Do you need to divert the attention of a security guard? What are the possible outcomes of suddenly opening that door? Is it truly worth it to put yourself in harm’s way so that you can grab just one more thing?

That is, if you wish to succeed in every single step with a score of one hundred percent. Robbery Bob 2 is one of those games that allows you to speed through it if you so choose, setting off every alarm and alerting every security guard in each stage if you see fit, as long as you pick up the target object in each level and make it to the exit.

This is because Robbery Bob 2 is one of those games that allows you to set off every alarm and alert every security guard in each stage if you see fit. There are also a whole host of objects that you can pay out for via the game’s shop that make the game a little easier, and often more entertaining: even though you should be able to make it to the end undetected if you’re clever enough, there’s an undeniable appeal to letting off a clockwork mouse in order to distract your nearest opponent so that you can slip on by, for example.

Robbery Bob 2, on the other hand, is an altogether other beast for players who want to earn all three stars in each and every stage. This version of the game requires players to move slowly, engage in tactical sprints, and track the movements of other players.

It’s stealth at its purest, and it utilises the kinds of strategies that gamers are more accustomed to adopting in games like Metal Gear Solid. The game does, however, have two errors, and the fact that this is the case makes them stand out the more.

To begin, the game’s controls have a little lax feel to them. When using virtual buttons and a thumbstick, it is not uncommon to find that you have set off alarms and been recognised because Bob has decided to take a couple of steps in any direction seemingly of his own will.

This is one of the reasons why it is fairly normal to find yourself in this situation. Although this does not in any way render the game unplayable, it is fair to say that you never really get the sense that you are in complete command of his actions.

The visual style of the game is just as irritating. Robbery Bob 2 is, to tell you the truth, not that attractive. It is not endearing nor cuddly, nor sly nor secretive in any way.

To be more accurate, the whole thing just has an amateurish appearance, and the parody of Tom and Jerry’s art style never really blends in with the gameplay or acts as an attraction in its own right. Instead, it just has a strange vibe to it, which, when coupled with the wacky narrative of the game, manages to slightly detract from what is generally a great effort overall.

Robbery Bob 2 is a more than amusing attempt at the stealth genre, and it feels like a natural successor to the first game’s release. This is despite the fact that the original game had certain flaws. You shouldn’t let its appearance put you off because there is some truly complex gameplay to discover here, and there isn’t even the slightest suggestion of any neck snapping to be found.


Robbery Bob 2 is a bit of an ugly graphically, and the virtual controls aren’t even close to being ideal. However, underlying all of this dressing is a snappy stealth adventure that truly stands in contrast to the cartoon type approach that developer Level Eight has made to the game’s aesthetics. Robbery Bob 2 manages to strike the ideal balance between being a game that casual players can breeze through in their free time and being a game that those who are more committed may spend hours perfecting.

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