RTS TV v8.1 APK Free Download

RTS TV APK Free Download: RTS TV is a free application that streams videos to your Android device. It gives you access to more than a thousand regional as well as international television stations. However, the vast majority of its services are targeted mostly toward people of Asian descent.


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RTS TV Review:

Get this lightweight application if you wish to watch live TV via the internet. After then, you can check your phone for live sports updates. In addition to this, you should watch comedies, dramas, movies, religious programming, and cartoons, and listen to the radio.


Users never have to worry about bills. And there are no subscription fees or other costs associated with using it, so it can truly be considered a blessing. Instead, it is an IPTV app, which requires nothing more than a working data connection.

RTS TV and Mr. TV are certainly not that dissimilar to one another because they have many of the same characteristics. The primary purpose of these apps is to provide a free live streaming service.

These kinds of apps can serve as a replacement for your television set. And you enjoy video material remotely. Therefore, feel free to download these simple tools and have some fun.

There is a plethora of streaming software available on the market today, but each app serves a distinct purpose. They may stream live television channels, movies, radio stations, sports radio stations, or channels dedicated to some other genre.

However, finding information from other countries can be challenging. If a user wishes to make use of uninterrupted services on premium online platforms, they must maintain an active subscription.

At the same time, free applications are posing a challenge to commercial platforms that are considered to be superior. As a result, people who use smartphones are less likely to purchase pricy.

Memberships are given an abundance of free options available to them. If you, too, enjoy getting things for free, then you should download them right away.

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Features of RTS TV:

Now, you may use your mobile phone to view any cable or satellite dish antenna channel online completely free of charge.

If you have a reliable internet connection, the buffering of data will not be an annoyance to you. Last but not least, let’s make a list of all the services, perks, and features it offers.

Live TV:

You get 1000+ live TV channels from almost all Asian countries. Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Tamil, Telugu, and a few Canadian & US television channels are enjoyable on this platform.

All Genres:

These television channels belong to the Sports, Kids, Educational, Religious, Entertainment, News, Movies, and Science categories. Indeed, many others are also present besides it.

Live Sports:

Similarly, enjoy your favorite sports channels in multiple languages. Live Cricket, Football, Leagues, Tournaments, Championships, World Cups, etc., are available on your phone.


If you need some kind of pleasant music in your surroundings, then play any of the radio channels. Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and other local programs will entertain you while traveling or at home.

TV Shows/Movies:

Additionally, search for your required movie or a television show when you feel bored. And play it in high or low quality depending on your data limitations and speeds.

Other Benefits:

  • View popular films and television series.
  • Get access to an unlimited number of TV stations.
  • There are no fees for subscriptions.
  • no cost to download or use.
  • There are no adverts from outside parties.
  • functioning on Android-based smartphones
  • There is no requirement to root your phone.
  • Easy to install and activate once it is.
  • Unlimited fun & happiness.


The APK file for RTS TV is now available for download from the URL provided. Live TV, movies, shows, radio channels, and a great deal more are all available to stream in high definition.

Its user-friendly and straightforward interface. In addition, the developer has made it such that there is no need to purchase a license to use the program. And anyone can do so without prior authorization.

If you are eager to investigate it at this moment, you should get its original file as soon as possible. All faults and errors have been fixed in this upgraded version.

Additionally, consumers will benefit from an enhanced user interface. You can look for additional IPTV apps on this site, particularly those designed for Android, in addition to it.

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